Hi, I'm Parul!

I love food and I love teaching kids (and adults) about food. My goal is to provide you and your family with a foundation that helps you make more informed decisions to help build long-lasting habits and a more balanced lifestyle. 

How I came up with KID·SMART·FOOD 

I am an attorney and certified health coach - this combination and my experience in both careers is what makes KID·SMART·FOOD so unique.

We have two kids, ages 8 and 6, and this course was originally developed for their Montessori. After years of observing the lunches I packed for my kids, and the fact that they actually ate what I packed, the Montessori approached me to teach weekly cooking lessons, with a focus on nutrition. The positive feedback from the parents was the reason I developed this virtual course.

I truly believe kids and families need a food coach to help expose them to ingredients they may not normally be exposed to, as well as the nutritional benefits. Let's provide our kids with the tools they need to make positive food decisions well into adulthood. 


I'm here to help!

I created KID·SMART·FOOD to take the burden off parents who don't have time or don't even know where to begin when it comes to trying to expose their kids to a variety of foods. I have observed firsthand what exposure and consistency can do for children's palettes. If we can  get kids to touch, smell and help prepare foods, it's a huge win on the path to actually tasting  and liking it!  

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It's no secret -     

I love seeing kids get excited about food! 

Very few things  give me as much joy as when I see a child try a new food and realize that they enjoy it!  My heart explodes every time I get a message from my students' parents that their child now likes asparagus or they ordered steamed vegetables as a side dish at a restaurant! 

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