Imagine if you could...

Expose your Kids to a New Ingredient With Ease

By learning to serve the same ingredient in a  variety of ways, you allow them to decide how they prefer certain foods. 

Get Your Kids Involved & Excited in the Kitchen 

Teach your kids the basics of meal preparation, including washing, chopping, peeling & so much more!

Learn Nutritional Benefits Along the Way

KID·SMART·FOOD presents valuable health information using graphics and activities that are reinforced throughout the course.


KID·SMART·FOOD is a unique cooking course, focused on exposure and nutrition. Each module highlights a new ingredient in a variety of ways.

Each module contains four lessons and the lessons contain recipe cards, grocery lists & step-by-step instructions. While you have access to all of the current modules at once, we recommend spacing them out week by week to allow you time to get your groceries and really embed these new fun habits with your kids.

We will learn about the benefits of the highlighted ingredient, as well as various ways to prepare the each new ingrediant.

Finally, you will get a fun worksheet or activity to help reinforce what we have learned! The course is nut-free and vegetarian because it was developed for a Montessori environment.  If you would like a specific ingredient highlighted, please let us know and we would love to create an a la carte option! 

Let's get cookin'! 

You will discover how to present without pressure.

EXPOSURE  Studies have shown that repeated exposures increase the chance of acceptance of that food. The key is repeated opportunities without any pressure to eat the food, plus a safe mealtime environment for your child to explore and learn.

CONSISTENCY  Many cooking courses teach a meal and move on or focus on a variety of cuisines, which is also a great exposure method. However, what makes KID·SMART·FOOD unique is that we focus on one ingredient and really present it in a variety of ways so that you can start to see how versatile each ingredient is.

HANDOUTS  It's no secret that kids love something they can hold, review, go back and look at again. Not only are our handouts adorable, but they are so informative and the best part is you get to keep them long after the course is over! 

NUTRITIONAL ICONS  Our printable materials are uniquely coded with various body parts  that benefit from the ingredient of the month. These icons used throughout the course in the videos, as well as bonus games help reinforce learning for our young chefs (and their caregivers). 

COOKING WITH KIDS Many kids learn better when they can relate to their teachers. This is why our first lesson for each module, I am cooking with my kids and it makes for an effective learning experience when we can discuss real life examples of how certain ingredients can help our bodies and minds. 

BONUS COACHING CALLS  Call replays from previous live rounds of the course are included where I go into detail on specific ingredients and dietary restrictions.



Ms. Parul is the biggest delight. Her enthusiasm and love for all things food and nutrition are contagious. My daughter absolutely loved her class. She would often come home and tell me that she wanted me to make Brussel sprouts and zucchini pizzas like she made in Ms. Parul's class. Ms. Parul makes eating healthy so much fun and she also offers educational tidbits about the food they’re preparing. For instance, my daughter said that eating brussel sprouts are important because it has Vitamin K if you get hurt and start bleeding, you need vitamin K to stop the bleeding. I was very impressed with that coming from my 4 year old daughter.



Ms. Parul is the best! She taught me so much about food and eating healthy. She let us make our own food and taught us why healthy foods are good for us. I miss her classes! I miss Ms. Parul!”



I loved that our Montessori offered a nutrition class with Parul! The class allowed my 4 year daughter  the opportunity to try new foods that I previously had a challenge getting her to try at home. She also started showing more interest in helping me in kitchen and remaking the recipes that they had made in nutrition class. I remember how excited Sajni was about the “yummy kale salad” that Ms. Parul made. Often our after school car rides were often filled with her telling me about the benefits of certain foods that Ms. Parul had taught them about! Parul has been a constant source of knowledge as I continue to introduce my kids to new foods and snacks!


Meet Your Instructors

I'm Parul, a certified health coach, attorney and mother. I may be a health coach, but above all, I'm just a parent, trying to feed my family and build habits to help all of us make more conscious food decisions as we proceed on our journey in health.

It is an ongoing journey and what works for us today may not work for us later. Part of this course is teaching how to listen to our bodies and try to come up solutions that can help us when we may be feeling a certain way, emotionally and physically.

I can't leave out the two youngest instructors on our team! Kapil is 8 and loves playing baseball and soccer, golf and is an avid sports fan. When he gets a chance, he enjoys watching shows like The Inbestigators, Waffles & Mochi & went through quite an Avatar phase last summer. Veda is 6 and loves playing soccer, reading, cooking & art. She loves all movies about girls' soccer teams!

Lesson 1 of each module will always be our longest cooking video and we encourage you to cook along with us! You will also have printable recipe and benefits cards to help guide you. 

Lesson 2 of each module will consist of an additional recipe video, with reminders of nutritional benefits, as well as printable recipe cards and nutritional benefits that make it easy to remember what body parts are helped by the ingredient featured.

Lesson 3 is another recipe video and recipe card. This is a great time to watch some of the bonus coaching call replays and get some additional information.

Lesson 4 is an activity worksheet to help our young chefs review what we have learned about our ingredient of the module. This is a great opportunity to review the beneftis card, as well as present even more recipes that include the ingredient. 

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Top features

  • 3 recipes for each new ingredient introduced.
  • Cooking videos focusing on nutritional benefits.
  • Fun activities (coloring pages, word searches, etc.) to reinforce course content.
  • Lifetime access* for a one-time payment (*for the life of the course).