These are the lunch containers that have gotten us through many years of lunch packing.

Yes, my kids are still young, but they have been in Montessori /daycare since they were babies. 


KidBasix Safe Snacker

We use these KidBasix Safe Snackers for sandwiches, quesadillas, pizza, wraps, and taco salad. You can also use silicone baking cups to keep veggie sides separated. These silicone cups also come in cute shapes

LunchBots Thermal

We use this LunchBots Thermal Insulated Container for our warm foods like stir-fry, noodles, soup, meatballs, pasta, etc. You heat it with boiling water for a few minutes. Empty the hot water, add in your warm food, and it will stay warm for 6-8 hours! 

LunchBots Medium Trio/Duo

I use the Lunchbots Medium Trio for Veda and it allows me to put 3 different snack foods. Honestly, I love that I can pack smaller servings of more options for her because I don't think she would eat a lot of just one type of vegetable. Plus, it allows me to make it look more colorful. 

LunchBots Medium Duo

I use the Lunchbots Medium Duo for Kapil and it allows be to give him bigger servings of snacks. It also allows me to pack salads with a side of dressing or dipping sauce because the condiment container (below) also fits in this. 

U-Konserve Round Nesting Trio

We alternate between all of these U-Konserve Round Stainless Steel Containers with silicone lids. I pack veggies or fruits in these containers and they are (top rack) dishwasher safe.

U-Konserve Small Rounds

These U-Konserve Small Round Stainless Steel containers are perfect for younger kids who may need smaller servings, but many options. 


These Lunchbots Snack Containers come in so handy for purse snacks. When we are on a weekend outing and I need to keep a snack in my purse, I'll fill these and they are a great alternative to having to buy a more processed alternative. 

LunchBots Condiment Containers

These LunchBots Condiment/Dipping Containers are twist-close and they actually stay closed! 

Owl Ice Packs

I love these owl ice packs because they are thin and can basically be squeezed into tight places to allow more room for ALL the containers I put in my kids lunch bags. 

Innobaby Stainless Steel Utensil Set

I love this Innobaby Stainless Steel Utensil Set. We use for school lunches, road trips and so much more. It really helps us stay away from plastic spoons and forks in the house and makes the kids more conscious about reducing our use of plastic elsewhere. 

Squeasy Snacker

My kids love when I have the time to make applesauce and pack this Squeasy Snacker silicone pouch in their lunches! 


We have gone through MANY bottles during the kids various ages and stages. I've detailed the age ranges we used the following bottles.

OXO tot transition straw cup

We used these OXO tot straw cups around 10-12 months (when it became clear the thinner beginner straws were not wide enough). 

OXO tot twist top straw cup

We used OXO Twist Lid Straw Bottles once the kids were about 14-18 months old. I liked these because they have a tough rubber lid that never broke. 

KidBasix SafeSport spout top bottle

We started using these 16 ounce stainless steel KidBasix Safe Sport Spout bottles around ages 3-4, but they do make a 12 ounce spout top that is great for 2 year olds! 

HydroFlask insulated straw bottle

We still use these, but I notice there is a hole in the spout that can cause leaking if the bottle is not kept upright. What I do love about these is the Flex Boot that prevents cracking if the bottle falls.We started using these HydroFlask insulated straw bottles around age 4-5 and they keep their water cold for sports days. 

21 oz Narrow HydroFlask

These are the 21oz Hydroflasks that fit in carseat cupholders and the side pouch of the kids backpacks, as well as in their lunch bags (just slightly stick out on top). We started using these around age 5 for both kids (in addition to the shorterr HydroFlasks).  I've never experienced these leaking, which is a huge plus because other bottles tilt over and the entire lunchbag becomes a puddle. This bottle didn't come with a sports spout, so I got the straw lid separately. 

Straw Lid for Hydroflask

These are the straw lids I got for the Hydroflask. They come with a super long straw (you have to measure your bottle and cut it so it fits in your bottle & spout. Don't cut it too short. I recommend putting it on completely and marking it where you need to cut it, so it fits your spout well. Always cut it a bit longer and then take a small amount off at a time. 

Kleen Kanteen 20oz TKWide Twist Cap

We recently got these (age 6 & 8).  I love them because they have a metal lining and metal straw. They are HEAVY though, so I only use them if we are not going to be carrying them around (for example, in a backpack or a bottle carrier).  I dropped it on a my foot once and I don't wish that on any child. 


I know this section may appear to be sponsored by IGLOO, but I can assure you that it is NOT. I should buy stock in IGLOO though. I have searched near and far for many backpacks - all the cute personalized ones are adorable and I love Pottery Barn Kids for other bags (luggage, duffel bags, etc.). However, for lunchboxes, I mean business and only Igloo has met my expectations with space, insulation, pockets for water bottles, utensils, extra compartments. I don't mind if I get made fun of - in fact, I welcome the "going camping?" jokes at school dropoff :)

Igloo MaxCold Playmate Gripper

I used this Igloo MaxCold insulated bag when Kapil was starting Montessori (age 12 months), because I needed to send bottles of pumped breastmilk, as well as his homemade baby food. I didn't want them reheating food in plastic, so I warmed his main meal at home and packed it in insulated Lunchbots containers

Igloo MaxCold HardLined Cooler

I upgraded to this Igloo HLC 24 bag once Kapil turned 18 months, it was clear we needed more room for ALL the various snack time and lunchtimes. Since I was packing a full day of food (8am-5pm), we had a LOT of containers, plus an ice pack to keep everything chilled that needed to stay cold. 

Igloo Backpack Cooler

This Igloo Cooler Backpack has an insulated lining, 2 water bottle pockets on each side, a top zipped compartment as well as a front zipped compartment. ALL of Kapil's lunch containers fit inside, along with utensils, napkins, and his school folder. I keep the food containers separate in a PACK-IT bag (to make sure his folder doesn't get dirty). 

Igloo Mini Cooler Bag

Veda currently uses this Igloo Mini Tote Cooler Bag and it fits what she needs. While it doesn't have a pocket for a water bottle, I just stick the bottle on top of her lunch containers and zip it closed until the zipper reaches the water bottle. It is easy for her to carry! 

LightWeight Insulated Lunch Bag

We purchased these SRISE insulated lunch bags for the Fall 2020 school year because I needed something that was easy for both kids to carry with their backpacks when they got out of the car on their own (at carline). These are easy to wipe, in the rare event of a spill or food leakage and very lightweight, so easy for a 5 year old to carry (even with the many filled containers and water bottle I pack). 


LightWeight Backpack

We love these lightweight backpacks!  We have the cute, personalized Pottery Barn ones, but they are so bulky. These fit the kids folders perfectly and also have space for extra masks, sunblock, water bottle pouches on each side, and are just plain easy to put on and take off without too much drama!  They aren't by the same company as the lunch bags, but they do look like they come together. Veda has the teal one and Kapil has the grey. 


Sometimes kids just need a little cute nudge in the right direction. If you need some help, try adding some of these for encouragement at lunchtime.

Cloth Napkins

We love these Cloth Napkins - they are perfect for lunchboxes and the cute designs help remind the kids to bring them back home! This shop has many prints to choose from! The kids now understand the importance of not wasting  paper napkins daily and how we can do our part to prevent unnecessary trash. 

Go Fresh Food Picks (Animal Shapes)

These animal shaped food picks are really adorable and can be added to fruit and vegetables. Just be sure you tell your kiddos to put them back in their box, so they don't get thrown away. Also, when emptying their lunchbox, you need to be careful that these little picks don't go down your drain. 

Sauce/Condiment Containers

These Sauce/Condiment Containers are cute and great way to control condiment portions. 

Lunchbox Love Notecards

I have been wanting these Lunchbox Love Notecards with little messages, fun facts and motivational messages. The kids love reading something while eating, and these are just the best! 


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