KID·SMART·FOOD alumni.  

My little chefs and parents share their experiences with you. 


Ms. Parul is the best! She taught me so much about food and eating healthy.  She let us make our own food and taught us why healthy foods are good for us. I miss her classes! I miss Ms. Parul!                                                                                                         -Saryn P. 

Ms. Parul is the biggest delight.  Her enthusiasm and love for all things food and nutrition are contagious. My daughter absolutely loved her class. She would often come home and tell me that she wanted me to make brussel sprouts and zucchini pizzas like she made in Ms. Parul's class. Ms. Parul makes eating healthy so much fun and she also offers educational tidbits about the food they’re preparing. For instance, my daughter said that eating brussel sprouts are important because they have Vitamin K if you get hurt and start bleeding, you need Vitamin K to stop the bleeding. I was very impressed with that coming from my 4 year old daughter.                                                                                                         -Saguna P. 

I loved the our Montessori offered a nutrition class with Parul! The class allowed my 4 year daughter the opportunity to try new foods that I previously had a challenge getting her to try at home. She also started showing more interest in helping me in kitchen and remaking the recipes that they had made in nutrition class. I remember how excited Sajni was about the “yummy kale salad” that Ms. Parul made. Our after-school car rides were often filled with her telling me about the benefits of certain foods that Ms. Parul had taught them about! Parul has been a constant source of knowledge as I continue to introduce my kids to new foods and snacks!                                                                               -Dhara P. (and Sajni's video testimonial -->)